Scholarship Program

Being part of the USA Publications has been an opportunity for a lot of talented writers, artists, and photographers who enrolled in the University of San Agustin. Over the years, the cream of the crop in San Agustin grew up in the organization. Some end up being named as the top students and campus journalists in the Philippines, even board examination topnotchers.

The program is valid for the entire duration of the bachelor’s degree program of the scholar who is carrying a regular load of subjects (at least 15 units or as reflected in the study plan of the degree program). The scholarship grant covers tuition and miscellaneous fees. Laboratory and other fees are not included in the grant.

The grants are as follows:

Grant Slot(s) Position
100 1 Editor-in-Chief
100 1 Managing Editor
75 1 Associate Editor
50 1 Community Editor
50 1 Literary Editor
50 1 Photography Editor
50 1 Art and Design Director
50 1 Program Director
100 1 Circulation and Office Manager*
25 8 Staff Writer
25 2 Staff Artist**
25 2 Staff Photographer**

Terms and conditions with the scholarship grants apply. For more information, please inquire in our office.

* The Circulation and Office Manager, although funded under the USA Publications, is governed by University of San Agustin Grant-in-Aid Scholar rules and regulations.

** The positions of staff artist and staff photographer are commutable i.e. 1 staff artist and 3 staff photographers and vice versa.